Public Engagements

Public Facing Writings

  1. The Data Protection bill will enable privacy violation, not guard against it, The Indian Express (digital), August 2023
  2. What technology leaders asking for a six-month halt on AI don’t want you to know, The Indian Express (digital), July 2023
  3. The Dangers of Policy by Analogue in The Draft Indian Telecommunication Bill, 2022, Hindustan Times (print), November 2022
  4. Artificial scapegoat: Why algorithms can't be blamed for political or corporate decisions, the News Minute (digital), November 2019
  5. Who wields AI and how, The Indian Express (print), September 2017
  6. Labour and Artificial Intelligence: Visions of despair, hope, and liberation, Hindustan Times (digital), June 2017
  7. What Made Lakhs of Scientists March for Science Across the Globe?, The Wire (digital), April 2017

Talks and Interview Videos

Video 1/10
Speaker in the episode "AI, Labor and Public Policy", on the Bangla podcast The Coffee House Experience. A casual conversation on the policy and politics of AI and its impact on labour. Bangla and English.
Video 2/10
Panelist in the episode "Decoding AI, ChatGPT & DALLE", on The Big Story Podcast of The Quint. I translate and demystify the tech, policy, and politics of AI, generative AI in particular, for a lay audience. Hindi and English.
Video 3/10
Panelist in a discussion on the digital economy hosted by Bharati Institute of Public Policy, ISB in their Public Policy Dialogues. Spoke about Digital Taylorism, AI and its impact on the future of workers. English.
Video 4/10
Interview with the Internet Freedom Foundation on their "In Conversation" series. I talk about usage of AI in workplaces, also called Digital Taylorism, and how "productivity" apps hide exploitation. English.
Video 5/10
Lecture at IIITB winter school on AI and (the vacuity of) ethics. Delves into technical details of what AI is, why it should be governed, why ethics is lacking as a framewoork, and what standards/regimes exist. English.
Video 6/10
Lecture at IIITB winter school on materialist conception of AI and ethics. Delves into into conceptual, philosophical and political arguments, and situates the ethics debates in political economy, labour, and economic rights. English.
Video 7/10
Talk at NIPFP on critique of AI crtique. Goes into why (as of 2019) the critique of AI focussed on bias and transparency, rather than power and ownership, legitimises solutionism and diverts the blame for social problems. English.
Video 8/10
Talk at NIPFP on AI and Society. An early talk of mine going into why AI is political, why there is a need for a radical rethink of structural issues of work, wage, property, and public prosperity in the context of AI. English.
Video 9/10
Part 2 of an early interview of mine (2018) on the politics of AI and the perils of solutionism. English.
Video 10/10
Part 1 of an early interview of mine (2018) on the politics of AI and the perils of solutionism. English.

Image: Scenes from the first scroll of a fascimile of the famous 12th C. caricature from Japan, Chouju Jinbutsu Giga (Animal Person Caricatures). Copyright: Public domain from Wikimedia Commons.
The scrolls depict anthropomorphic rabbits, toads, and monkeys doing hilarious things. The original scrolls are at the Kyoto National Museum and the Tokyo National Museum.
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