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Will be joining Centre for Policy Studies, IIT Bombay, from Fall 2019 in to work in AI + policy research transitioning from a core AI industry position as a Senior Researcher for two years.


I'm an AI researcher. My arc of research started as a core AI researcher working in the intersection of language and vision who got interested in not just how humans solve complex problems (problems I would find in the humanities) but also how AI systems work and fail around these problems. This, and insights from my recent work in academia and the (media) industry led me to get interested in AI policy, the interaction of labour with AI, and the political-economy of automation. Thus, I am shifting from core AI research to AI and Society research.

There is a deep need to research core AI, especially language and vision from the lens of policy studies as currently, policymakers have a very hazy idea of how AI systems work (or what they are) and their potential impact, especially in the Indian context (where I am from). The lack of interventions from AI scientists in the policy space has contributed to an attempt to frame policy devoid of a material analysis of what the technology can and cannot do (example: the policy work around "informed consent" and "anonymity" for data which becomes meaningless for AI systems which can infer users given their using patterns). A lot of my PhD+ work was concerned with how AI systems fail, why are they so "brittle", something understudied because most current AI systems are optimised for niche works, and yet entire subfields are based on assumptions which do not work when taken out of very specific contexts.

From September 2017 to April 2019 I was Senior Researcher at Comcast Research, working on computational linguistics research problems in order to make their systems respond to language centered around media. The major part of my work was in understanding how real life context makes complex improving embedding systems. I was also involved in other NLP problems, some to do with gathering knowledge from human chatter.

I received my PhD from the Department of Computer Science, University of Maryland, College Park, class of 2017. I was advised by Dr. Yiannis Aloimonos and Dr. Jordan Boyd-Graber. My work was in the intersection of Computational Linguistics and Computer Vision. In particular I investigated the linguistic phenomenon of coreferences of entities and events across modalities.

I received my MS in August 2010 from Georgia Tech, Atlanta and was advised by Dr. Ellen Yi-Luen Do. I cleared my preliminary oral exam and advanced to doctoral candidacy on December 15, 2015. In the Summer of 2016 I was a research intern at Comcast Research.

  • Mohit Iyyer*, Varun Manjunatha*, Anupam Guha, Yogarshi Vyas, Jordan Boyd-Graber, Hal Daumé III, and Larry Davis. The Amazing Mysteries of the Gutter: Drawing Inferences Between Panels in Comic Book Narratives. Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2017.
    CODE+DATA  •  Press: MIT Tech Review, Digital Trends  •  [BIBTEX]

  • Anupam Guha, Mohit Iyyer, and Jordan Boyd-Graber. "A Distorted Skull Lies in the Bottom Center..." Identifying Paintings from Text Descriptions. North American Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL) Human-Computer QA Workshop, 2016.
    DATA  •  Supplementary  •  [BIBTEX]

  • Mohit Iyyer, Anupam Guha, Snigdha Chaturvedi, Jordan Boyd-Graber, and Hal Daumé III. Feuding Families and Former Friends: Unsupervised Learning for Dynamic Fictional Relationships. North American Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2016.
    Best Paper Award

  • Anupam Guha, Mohit Iyyer, Danny Bouman, and Jordan Boyd-Graber. Removing the Training Wheels: A Coreference Dataset that Entertains Humans and Challenges Computers. North American Association for Computational Linguistics (NAACL), 2015.
    CODE+DATA  •  Video  •  [BIBTEX]

  • Yezhou Yang, Anupam Guha, Cornelia Fermüller, and Yiannis Aloimonos. Manipulation Action Tree Bank: A Knowledge Resource for Humanoids. IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Humanoids, 2014.

  • Yezhou Yang, Anupam Guha, Cornelia Fermüller, and Yiannis Aloimonos. A Cognitive System for Understanding Human Manipulation Actions.. Advances in Cognitive Systems, (ISSN 2324-8416), 2014.

  • Anupam Guha, Yezhou Yang, Cornelia Fermüller, and Yiannis Aloimonos. Minimalist Plans for Interpreting Manipulation Actions. IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), 2013.
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  • CMSC216 Introduction to Computer Systems, Fall 2011, Spring 2016
  • CMSC250 Discrete Structures, Spring 2012
  • CMSC131 Object Oriented Programming I, Fall 2012
  • CMSC132 Object Oriented Programming II, Spring 2013, Summer 2013, Spring 2014 (half), and Summer 2014
  • CMSC426 Image Processing, Fall 2013 and Fall 2014
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